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Muller-Karger FE, Varela R, Thunell RC, Scranton MI, Taylor GT, Capelo J, Astor Y, Tappa E, Akl J, Ho T-Y.  2004.  Características de la fosa de Cariaco y su importancia desde el punto de vista oceanográfico. Memoria de la Fundación La Salle de Ciencias Naturales. 161-162 Muller-Karger_2004- Memoria 161-162 215-234.pdf (437.05 KB)
Goñi M., Woodworth M.P., Aceves H.L., Thunell RC, Tappa E, Black D, Muller-Karger F, Astor Y.  2004.  Generation, transport and preservation of the alkenone-based UK'37 sea surface temperature index in the water column and sediments of the Cariaco Basin (Venezuela). Global Biogeochem. Cycles. 18 Goni_et_al_2004.pdf (972.36 KB)
Thunell RC, Sigman D., Müller-Karger F.E, Astor Y, Varela R.  2004.  Nitrogen isotope dynamics of the Cariaco Basin, Venezuela. Global Biochem. Cycles. 18 Thunell_et_al_2004.pdf (532.02 KB)
Woodworth M.P., Goñi M., Tappa E, Tedesco K, Thunell RC, Astor Y, Varela R, Diaz-Ramoz J.R., Muller-Karger FE.  2004.  Oceanographic controls on the carbon isotopic compositions of sinking particles from the Cariaco Basin. Deep-Sea Res. I. 51:1955-1974. Woodworth_et_al_2004.pdf (676.11 KB)
Muller-Karger FE, Varela R, Thunell RC, Astor Y, Zhang H., Hu C..  2004.  Processes of Coastal Upwelling and Carbon Flux in the Cariaco Basin. Deep-Sea Res. II . 51:927-943. Muller_Karger_et_al_2004.pdf (566.17 KB)
Smoak J.M, Benitez-Nelson CR, Moore W.S, Thunell RC, Astor Y, Muller-Karger F.  2004.  Radionuclide fluxes and particle scavenging in Cariaco Basin. Cont. Shelf Res.. 24:1451-1463. Smoak_et_al_2004.pdf (349.81 KB)
Ho T-Y., Astor Y, Varela R, Taylor GT, Scranton MI.  2004.  Vertical and temporal variability of redox zonation in the water column of the Cariaco Basin: implications for organic carbon oxidation pathways. Marine Chemistry. 86:89-104. Ho_et_al_2004.pdf (664.33 KB)
Scranton MI, Taylor GT, Astor Y, Muller-Karger FE.  2002.  Comparison of the controls on the structure of the oxic/anoxic interface in the Cariaco Basin and the Black Sea. Second International Conference on Oceanography of the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea: Similarities and Differences of Two Interconnected Basins. I:628-634.


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