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Scranton MI, Astor Y, Percy D., Li XN, Lin X, Taylor C..  2006.  Biogeoquímica de la zona subóxica y anóxica en la Fosa de Cariaco. . Gayana. 70(6) Scranton_et_al_2006a.pdf (193.94 KB)
Scranton MI, Astor Y, Percy D., Li X., Taylor GT.  2006.  Biogeoquímica de la zona subóxica y anóxica en la Fosa de Cariaco.. Gayana. 70(6):83-86. Scranton_et_al_2006a.pdf (193.94 KB)
Taylor GT, Iabichella-Armas M., Varela R, Lin X, Scranton MI.  2006.  Microbial Ecology of the Cariaco Basin's oxic-anoxic interface: the U.S.-Venezuela CARIACO Times Series Program. . Past and Present Water Column Anoxia. :473-499. Taylor_et_al_2006.pdf (384.09 KB)
Scranton MI, McIntyre M., Taylor GT, Muller-Karger FE, Fanning KA, Astor Y.  2006.  Temporal Variability in the Nutrient Chemistry of the Cariaco Basin. Past and Present Water Column Anoxia. :139-160. Scranton_et_al_2006.pdf (324.32 KB)
Astor Y, Scranton MI, Guzmán L, Thunell RC, Muller-Karger FE, Taylor GT, Fanning KA, Varela R.  2006.  Variabilidad estacional en la estructura hidroquímica de las aguas subóxicas en la estación Serie de Tiempo Cariaco. . Gayana. 70 Astor_et_al_2006.pdf (734.08 KB)
Lin X, Wakeham SG, Putnam I.F, Astor Y, Scranton MI, Chistoserdov A, Taylor GT.  2006.  Vertical distributions of prokaryotic assemblages in the anoxic Cariaco Basin and Black Sea compared using fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH).. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. . 72(4) Lin_et_al_2006.pdf (195.91 KB)
Hayes M.K, Taylor GT, Astor Y, Scranton MI.  2006.  Vertical distributions of thiosulfate and sulfite in the Cariaco Basin. . Limnology and Oceanography. 51 (1) Hayes_et_al_2006.pdf (275.19 KB)
Hoo T-Y, Scranton MI, Taylor GT, Varela R, Thunell RC, Muller-Karger FE.  2002.  Acetate cycling in the water column of the Cariaco Basin: Seasonal and vertical variability and implication for carbon cycling . Limnol. Oceanogr.. 47 Ho_et_al_2002.pdf (1.09 MB)
Scranton MI, Taylor GT, Astor Y, Muller-Karger FE.  2002.  Comparison of the controls on the structure of the oxic/anoxic interface in the Cariaco Basin and the Black Sea. Second International Conference on Oceanography of the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea: Similarities and Differences of Two Interconnected Basins. I:628-634.


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