Acknowledgments & References


The authors are expressly acknowledged for their contributions to the atlas. These include the principal investigators, Drs. Kendall Carder, Frank. E. Müller-Karger, Richard Stumpf and Robert Weisberg, and especially USF students Bryan Black, Christopher Cattrall, and Fernando Gilbes. In addition to that provided by the authors, imagery was contributed by Herschel Hochmann, Dr. Robert Arnone, Dr. Robert Leben, Dr. Lawrence Rouse, Dr. Wilton Sturges and Dr. Frederick Vukovich. Technical assistance was provided by Doug Myhre.


We thank the Minerals Management Service (MMS) for providing the funds and impetus to create a tool useful for visualizing the effects of flow. The gradients and streak lines observed are indicative of circulation processes extant in the northeastern Gulf of Mexico.

Processing of the data was largely carried out on the software environment 'dsp', developed at RSMAS, University of Miami, and implemented at the University of South Florida. We thank Gene Feldman at the Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA, Greenbelt, Maryland) for providing the data from the CZCS archive. Post-processing and final analyses were carried out using software developed at the University of South Florida. This work was supported by the Minerals Management Service using data that were collected with previous funding from National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Office of Naval Research (ONR), and National Science Foundation (NSF).


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