Enrique Montes

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Real name: 
Current Position: 
Research Associate
2015-present: Research Associate at the College of Marine Sciense - University of South Florida
2011-2015: Postdoctoral investigator at the Institute for Marine Remote Sensing. University of South Florida
2009- 2011: Research Assistant for the CARIACO (Carbon Retention In A Colored Ocean) Ocean Time-series Program. University of South Florida.
2008-2009: Research Assistant. Marine Biogeochemistry Lab, School of Marine Science and Technology, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
2006-2008: Fulbright fellow. Marine science Master’s program, USF
2011: Ph.D in Marine Science. University of South Florida, College of Marine Science. Advisor: Frank Muller-Karger
1998: B.S. in Biology. Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), Caracas, Venezuela
Research Interests: 

Natural and human-driven impacts on marine ecosystems; satellite remote sensing of phytoplankton; satellite biogeography; marine biodiversity; marine carbon, nitrogen and oxygen cycling; stable isotopes and dissolved gases as tracers of marine biogeochemical processes.


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